Disintegration - Live

It turns out what I may want to do is Rise like a Phoenix. I did get the tattoo after all.

Quick Note about Tattoos:  They are a great learning tool. People who can always see room for improvement/find fault can use them to learn to be happy with things the way they are.

My gut instinct is telling me that broadcasting the whole ride - including the burning into ashes part will get me better ratings. Growing up in America the way I have, it's no surprise that I might want to be some kind of celebrity.

Of course, I'd rather be a Gandhi type of celebrity. I could bear being the Pat Robertson type of celebrity too. Realistically, I'd prefer to be the YouTube type of celebrity in our day and age. I definitely don't want to be the Timothy McVeigh type of celebrity.

I don't really think its wrong to publicly admit these thoughts. Honestly folks, I think we could do a _lot_ better as far as a species. Why aren't we working harder to become the Extra Terrestrial First Contact we would like to have as opposed to the one we're scared of.

It is such a giant pain in the ass to have so many masks you have to wear to get by in our society - and that's just get by mind you. I so want to be done with that bullshit.
"Don't post that on your Facebook or you could get fired!"
Really? Then fuck this company. Hey everyone on Facebook, this company fires you for being yourself in public. Quit giving them your money.

Be yourselves people, even if it makes you homeless.

It's also okay if being yourself is being someone who wants to live in the safest cave it can find.
For me? The Flames.


Solar Power Shingles

Once upon a time, I heard I could make $100 in a single day roofing a house. It was summer in Oklahoma, in a neck of the woods where the thermometer likes to hang out over 100 for about 3 months in a row. I am somewhat familiar with shingles.

As you can kind of see on this picture, the top of the shingle is essentially grainy little rocks sprayed on to a thick tar-like paper.

Things Get Smaller
Once upon a time, computers took up entire rooms. They're now at least small enough to fit in the palm of a human hand. When I think of solar panels, I think of essentially black windows in a frame on a roof. They'll get smaller though. I have no reason to think we're not capable of making solar panels the size of a grain of sand. If nature can do it in a plant cell, we can do it in a lab.

We Have Paintable Electronics
It's called P3HT [poly(3-hexylthiophene)]. You can read about it here.

Solar Power Shingles
1. Spray P3HT on tar paper
2. Grab a handful of solar power sand and slap it on there before the P3HT dries
3. Put a battery on the edge of the house.

So, if you live in an area that experiences a brown-out or you just look at your air-conditioning bill this summer, start asking the same question I am: Where's the link to the Solar-Power Shingles kickstarter campaign?

UPDATE: Please see this ensuing conversation, which contains links to what's actually going on in the solar power shingle department these days.


Pseudonyms and Writers

This is a retort, written by my present self, against the perspective displayed here by the +J. R. Nova of November 14, 2011.

Not wanting to be identified as this or that, simply allows people to define you as the person that does-not-want-to-be-this-or-that. People are going to try to build expectations of your behavior, and so they identify your behaviors and categorize them under labels. He's a writer and a poet, so he'll probably behave X if I behave Y.

To me it seems a matter of fear, truth be told. If I pursue something with my whole being, I'm scared I will be less than I am if I keep my options open.

For me, I won't consider myself a writer or author until I make money doing it. I'm hoping that I won't have to resort to fiction to do that, though, for I'm hoping the time for fiction is past.

Fiction is a useful tool for generating metaphors for actual realities, for opening people to new perspectives. It is my hope that we are getting to the point where we don't have to drape our perspectives in fictional stories for them to be accepted by our society. It's a beautiful method for inception, but sooner or later won't the result have enough of an affect that we can just talk to each other about our actual reality?

Using a pseudonym just allows one to distance oneself from the product. In my case, this has been because I thought it would improve the reception of the product. A low self-esteem tie-in. There is no place for me in this world, but I can create the mask to allow me to let the work stand on its own and not be smeared by association with me. Another possible reason for the use of a pseudonym is to distance the work from oneself, believing that the work would besmirch oneself in the eyes of his/her immediate peer group/family.
Is the writer mask compatible with the son/daughter mask? The lover mask? The retail store employee mask?


About Me

First, let me get it out of the way that I think the title of this blog piece is terribly significant. I often struggle with what to title my blog articles ever since I had statistical success with my controversial title piece: "These Atheists are Bullies."

I've changed so much since then. Blogs are scary that way, knowing that there are pieces of you out there that people might use to decide your value - and that those pieces don't accurately reflect the you that you've become.

The title of this piece is significant because virtually all blog pieces, regardless of author are just as much about the author as the stated subject matter. About Me is true for the reader too. Psychologically, isn't the choice of whether or not to click on a headline the individual making a choice of what lesson about themselves they want to learn today?

Are we addicted to our own emotional responses because they reinforce our sense of self?

However, since I've labeled this piece About Me, all of the above should probably be left on the cutting room floor. So, about me:

I am a Broadcaster, by choice
Though I'm still not positive what it is about me that led me to make that choice, I have recognized the inherent drive to broadcast within myself. As of late, spiritually, I've come to see myself as a point of awareness that constantly emits light, but can be aware of only reflection and only through experience.
From this I have chosen to Broadcast as often as I can with as much truth as I can, in the hopes of increasing the truth in what is reflected back to me.

Here is some of that truth: I resonated with the Holstee Manifesto when I saw it. I was working as a transcriptionist in an office at the time, and I placed it prominently on my office wall.

I guess its now about 6 months later, and I've decided to give it a go. "If you don't like your job, quit." it says, and so I did. You can sit outside and reason for as long as you want. You can analyze and make predictions from now until infinity, but you'll only know once you experience it.

Follow your heart without fear and the universe will take care of the rest. That's what's being sold, really. The rub is, you have to try it to find out. It's the Tinkerbell reality, you'll see what you believe in the most. If you believe following your heart will lead to disaster and calamity, don't try it yet.

The safest route is to come to know whether or not you believe following your heart will improve your journey. This is your journey, follow your heart about whether following your heart is right for you...

I am a Writer, a Creator
I wrote the first story I remember writing in the fourth grade. I don't remember the story, but I remember that it was an assignment for 1-2 pages and I wrote 10. It felt good to write, and it felt good to go way overboard doing it. Though, dear reader, I am becoming aware of the signal to noise issue - and am finding ways of sparing you from unwanted noise. This piece is not an example of that, I've decided to live up to the blog title of "Raw Thought" on this one.

I'm hoping to revisit and reshape all of my posts here and in my conversations on G+ into a book of some sort. At the moment, I'm hoping into the sort of book that opens the right door for me to end up writing for a living. I would really like to make a living doing something that makes my living so pleasant.

I am a Conduit of Creative Energy
There are so many possibilities that flow through my mind. The thing is, thoughts float on by. I see it as a life path I desire to function as a selective transmitter of this creative energy flow. If creative energy is the light it feels like it might be, then I would like to be a prism of that light. I want to reflect or refract the most beautiful spectrum of that light - all in the hopes that it will be reflected in All-That-Is around me, back to me.

I am a Scribe
I desire to document and make available the chapters of my journey, for my journey has led through some dark places. In those dark places it is often hard to tell if you're moving at all, much less forward. It can seem as if the cave has only the opening of birth. I've traveled a path through the darkness, and I'll communicate to you in any way I can that there's light just a little ways ahead. So, I document my journey in the hopes of showing the way for those seeking guidance or reassurance.


Ingress: Enlightened or Resistance - MLK Jr.?

Ingress is more than a game. I've previously offered an Enlightened View of Ingress, which is a deeper understanding of how it is more than a game. This time, I wanted to offer the surface level view. An understanding even the resistance can grasp ;)

Ingress: The Basics
The basics for the game is that scientists discovered exotic matter (XM) leaking out into the world all over and portals, through which Shapers can Ingress into our reality. 

The Resistance are the players who have been convinced a Shaper Ingression is a "bad thing", and resists the Ingression.

The Enlightened are the players who realize the Shaper Ingression is a positive change in global consciousness. They realize we've had Shapers on planet for at least the last 6000 years. The Shapers that are Ingressing are beings of equal consciousness level to those that have been enslaving our planet and race this whole time. The Shapers in power have formed the Resistance to maintain the status quo - their dominance of humanity. 

The Enlightened seek to help humanity realize their own true nature - Shaper. The Shapers that have been in power for all these years have convinced the majority of humanity that humanity is Shaped no Shaper. 

The Resistance believes that Enlightenment is a lie. They believe we haven't had Shapers here this whole time. Shapers are a new and alien threat, coming to enslave us all, and they've subverted the Enlightened to serve them with a myth of Enlightment. They believe they've been free up until now, and that Freedom is in jeopardy. 

MLK Jr. - Enlightened or Resistance?
Resistance: Martin Luther King Jr. was Resistance, because he Resisted the discrimination residue left over from the enslavement of African-American people. He protected the people from further suffering.

Enlightened:  Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the Enlightened, and helped elevate the consciousness of our society high enough that it could recognize the Oneness of humanity.

Your call: Was MLK Jr. Enlightened or Resistance?
Let us know below.

Image Credit: http://en.paperblog.com/martin-luther-king-jr-day-127111/