Trump just Trumpity Trump Trumped

He's really done it this time...

Today, President of the United States, Donald "hold my beer I'm going to tweet something" Trump, Trumpity Trump Trumped to the tune of...

omg is this enough top text so people click through and see the ads before they realize there's nothing of value here but a small black mirror?


Ha! Let's do this one here.

Let's work out a deal between Australia and the anti-vaxxers. Let all the anti-vaxxers live there and then we'll just sterilize it in 40 years.

Have you ever tried inviting that North Korean kit to a f****** party?

I mean you have to wake up you every day but could you imagine having to wake up as him?

Anybody ever think if you treat him like a human being he might become one, eh?

Horseshit... Pretend you buy into the b******* they're selling and bend the world to make it true.

I mean isn't the thing on the minds of everyone that makes it out of their shitty situation how the hell can the rest of the world let this s*** happen?

Get a bunch of liberals to fund a commercial shoot E-Series but actually the news in commercial size form.

Let the bitches see in 30-second increments how really bad it is out there ...LIVE.
Apparently New York didn't wake them up.


#protocol 42

I know I'm running the risk of the host body getting black-bagged for this brazen of an exposure... but like, Donald Trump is the President ... that's kinda small potatoes at this point.

I still haven't found any double confirmed Kindred, and if I don't in the next 117 days, I'm going to jump ship and leave the host to its own devices.