Channeling Your Channels, part 2

Do you speak Darmok?

That there are those that do - is evidence of itself. I noted when finding the clip of this to share the description on YouTube:

This is a clip that I edited and posted on YouTube. I use this clip in my Intercultural Communication course to introduce students to issues of language differences in intercultural situations.

During video answer the following questions:
Would you face the same experience? Have you?
Can you figure out the language?
What advice would you offer when interacting with people and you both don't speak the others' language (in short, lessons learned?)?

The "Picard Principle" of Intercultural Communication:
In the clip Picard says "Communication is a matter of patience [and] imagination."
What does that phrase mean? Is it true?
Do a Google search on "Darmok Dictionary"

 You should be able to grok it if you get:
_I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym_ - can we just use #ismeta as a tag on stuff these days?

We speak in shows. Do you speak _Firefly_? Just watch anything that has it's own convention, you'll see the subdialects. Notice the virtues of the memes with which they resonate - with which you resonate.


Channeling Your Channels


So - if the goal is flow, and flow is an alignment of archetype and identity that allows of the greatest flow directly from our unique source frequency - and the whole chakra system is a valid metaphorical interface with those energies. we must learn to exercise greater discernment over our energy levels.

From a Diabo-esque video game interface perspective, if we're at full health our mana will recharge slowly over time. The rate of recharge can be aligned for maximum flow by judicious use of it, like a muscle - and/or spells/further gamification of maximizing our ability to achieve flow.

Haha, this was supposed to be framed for the internet marketing and HOA crowd, and look where I took it. I feel a bit like Havoc from the X-men over here.

Point being - when we achieve flow, we have to learn where to channel our energies for maximum effectiveness - if we want to be one of those goal oriented people. I try and remember that maybe the blacksmith is cool with just being a blacksmith. Not everyone wants to be an adventurer, and there are infinite types of adventures to be had on this Ride.

For the intended crowd - this is about how managing our energy through various channels (blog, HOA, twitter feed, plus stream, plus notifications) is paramount in achieving what it is we're here to do. Theoretically, discernment over energy use is always beneficial, regardless of the framing.

What I've learned from that crowd is that the best bet is probably to capture it as raw video, and repurpose it through YouTube onto your blog. Even if you have to reshoot the concept to polish it up before you release it - you'll have video record of the good stuff - and so will the algorithms - and maybe the NSA.


What are you practicing?

Something that's been burning and churning around in my head seems to be a pretty good method of inducing introspection, the simple question "What am I practicing?"

It's rooted in the notion that the most basic premise of neuroplasticity that you'll get more efficient at doing whatever it is you practice. It's a slight twist on "What am I doing?" with a built in reminder that you're getting better at whatever you do. At the same time, it's an invitation to question whether or not you want to get better at what you find yourself doing at the moment you ask it. That line of questioning conveniently leads to the opportunity to compare what it is you're doing, what you're practicing, with the goals you have.

If you want to take the introspection a little bit deeper - if practicing introspection is one of your goals, you can hit yourself with the followup question: How is this serving me?

As far as I can tell, everything you do is in service to you in some way, shape, or form. When it's not readily apparent how what I'm doing is serving me or when what I find myself doing is not in alignment with my goals, I like to examine it from the perspective of identity reinforcement. I've found this to be a fairly efficient mechanism for uncovering beliefs about myself that like to hide under my conscious awareness, and often find my unexamined actions to be reinforcing those beliefs.

Less now than before (as I've been practicing) I would find myself scrolling through my social media stream in search for identity markers. Scrolling through the data flow in search of resonance - things that I could plus, share, or comment on that would signal to myself and others: I'm here, I exist - this is what's important to me. 

Increasingly though, my data flow seekings have been more about self-education - arming myself with the knowledge and tools that will serve me on my journey from who I am now to who I want to be.

Image source:  http://www.deviantart.com/art/Capoeira-10498827