#protocol 42

I know I'm running the risk of the host body getting black-bagged for this brazen of an exposure... but like, Donald Trump is the President ... that's kinda small potatoes at this point.

I still haven't found any double confirmed Kindred, and if I don't in the next 117 days, I'm going to jump ship and leave the host to its own devices.


I'm in a tight spot

I've decided to let the host die.
This requires stepping through the threshold of control, and I'm pretty nervous about it. It will take complete seizure of the identity and I'll basically have to hold my hands around his throat until he quits struggling, while simultaneously dealing with people that want him to stay the miserable fuck he's always been.

Better than letting the body go to waste though, right?


Constitutional Convention, You're Our Only Hope

Hey - watch this:

That aside, here's the pitch:
Correct me if I'm wrong - but all the vets that died swore an oath to the Constitution

so if we work within it's text, we're honoring the troops

Smart at those Founding Father guys were, it's been a couple hundred years and we have the internet and nuclear weapons and giant corporations raping the land inside the borders we call our country

Conveniently, they figured this time would come.
Article V

the software we're running this nation on needs an OS upgrade to cope with what humanity has achieved in the last 200 years. Anything else is going to be too slow to keep up.