I Think About You All The Time

You're such a pretty girl, don't you know. There you are, out on the dance floor, laughing and having a great time. Meanwhile, I'm standing next to the folded up bleachers with a glass of punch in my hand trying to think of what I can say to you that won't result in a look somewhere between confusion and disgust cropping up on your face when I approach you.

I've written you volumes. Of course, they're volumes of jumbled incoherent nonsense that any editor would balk at and exist almost entirely on the cutting room floor of my mind - but really... I think about you all the time. Composing is probably more accurate, but it feels like writing.

I'm here. I'm alive. Please give a shit.

That's the general overall theme. The specifics could be broken up into chapters, but essentially that's what they all boil down to.

The Signal to Noise Ratio
These days, it seems that's the important part. What's signal to you? What's noise to you? It's quite the challenge figuring out which is which when I know so little about you. You're a mystery to me. 

I'm trapped you see. Stuck in this ugly bag of mostly water, currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, planet Earth. It has arms, legs, and what I consider to be pretty blue eyes. How am I supposed to know what's signal to you from inside this contraption? 

Atoms, aren't we all?
It is said that no man is an island. Doesn't that really mean that we don't exist in a vacuum? Maybe the atom is a better comparison. Personal space as what's between our nucleus and our the outer reaches of our electron cloud. Through our interpersonal networks we can form molecules. Perhaps a man with two wives is like a water molecule.


Humanity Needs a Safe Word

Look - We all know that a part of us likes to fuck people. We love the competition, we like to get one over on someone else. Part of being human, the quest for Win.

We all know that of the things we can be, we're all capable of being them all. We can be kind and loving, cruel and ruthless. We choose who we want to be and see how it plays out in the world we find ourselves in. Some people are going to want to be bad, hard and hurtful. Other people are going to be willing to be hurt.

The thing is, we need a safe word. For example: Banana. If someone's life sucks too much, they can say "banana," and then we all come together and make life not suck so bad for that person. Right now, we don't have a safe word and millions and millions of people are getting fucked too hard.

Let's keep it consensual and respect each other's boundaries.


Social Networking = The Death of Advertising?

One day, social networking will slay advertising.

The truth about products and the truth about the practices of the companies producing the products will be common knowledge. One day, if a company tries to privatize the water supply, society will quit buying their products.

If companies moderate their social networking presence, for example by deleting all of their negative reviews, then a new node will appear on the network for consumers to become aware of the truth.

We won't turn to commercials to decide which brand of automobile we should drive or laundry detergent we should use. It will be common knowledge which product is the best and which company has the best practices. We all like confirmation that we've made the best choice. It won't be long until that extends beyond product quality into business practices, now that we're all connected.