The Truth About Marijuana

Don't Take Anyone's Word for It.
That's the best advice I can give anyone. This is not the same as trust-no-one, because there's a possibility that everything you've ever heard will be similar for you. From both sides.

As weed has taught me, our existence is entirely subjective. There is Truth. However, it too exists subjectively for each individual. You've likely been taught differently. That reality is reality and this is the way it is by god, by science, whatever. That was subjectively true for you at the time. For most of you, it's still subjectively true. That's your universe, live in it. I will too.. sort of.

My personal experience was to wait until I was an adult. I recommend it. I'm wary of altering a mind while it is still in development. It might alter the development for the better for all I know, though. Mine was fully developed before I did any experimentation for myself, so I wouldn't know firsthand.

Here's the truth of my experience experiment:

there are infinite parallel realities,
there are numerically plenty to go around. There is no particular reason that we don't each have our own.

We are separate entities.
If I am separate I cannot be in control of anything outside of myself. I have these 5 senses. That must be my way of determining the nature of the things that are outside of me. I cannot manipulate anything outside of myself other than in ways sensed by my 5 senses. THAT is reality. I am a thing inside reality. Just a tiny little part of all that is, and I can only affect this tiny little part.

there are infinite parallel realities and we are separate entities
we must exist throughout all possible realities in one form or another, as separate individuals for the particular chosen experience of each individual.

We are separate entities that exist in infinite manifestations throughout infinite parallel realities
We are somehow connected to but denied access to our infinite selves whilst manifesting in another's reality.
We should be able to choose to place our finite awareness in whichever of the infinite possible realities we want.

We can choose our reality and we make ourselves begin our existence in a reality in which we are denied access to our infinite selves...
We can maximize our experience through surprise - by hiding our infinite nature from ourselves, we get to experience the realization of our infinite nature.

We are the universe experiencing itself infinitely. Choosing to experience awakening is a choice. If you have not chosen to do so, there is a reason you have chosen to not do so.

I am very interested why you've chosen the experience you have, because I haven't figured out what I'm supposed to get out of living in the reality where you've chosen what you have. If this reality is my choice, I can't figure out why I've chosen one with so much rape, murder, and other things I don't like. The only thing I can think of is so that it will make the experience of global awakening that much more awesome.

If So.....
Get your shit together universe. I'm ready for the awesome and I'm learning how to choose it.


An Enlightened View of #Ingress

You can count on the Enlightened to speak the truth. Sure, we're free to lie, but when you're Enlightened you find you have very little reason to.

Ingress is a notgame/game
Leaning heavily on the side of notgame, that's why 'notgame' is on the left of the slash. You can boil something down to a particular aspect to better understand it, but nothing is ever 'just' something. That whore is never just a whore, she's also someone's daughter. There's always more to the story.

Good News/Bad News for the Resistance
First, the Bad News. The existence of the game portion means the war is already over. You've lost. Look at the good the resistance did to stave off the fall of the Roman Empire. 

Here's the good news though. The fact that you've become involved in the game is a good sign for you personally. It's certainly a bigger step toward Enlightenment than sitting on the couch watching talent shows. You'll get there. We're here for you. We went first, when it was harder - when there was less reason to. We're the pioneers, blazing the trail for you - and you've taken the first steps. Take your time, the journey is yours. We could use the help though, when you're ready.

Smoke and Mirrors
Ingress is an education system designed by the Enlightened. The Resistance has been in power for quite a long time. You've been conditioned to pliable, and thus we are aware that you can be reconditioned out of slavery and into freedom. The game will teach you that things are going on at a layer not visible to the naked eye, how all of this has been under your nose the whole time. After all, You Can't Handle the Truth... unless we slowly raise the temperature.

The game will help you learn how to look for these things. The resistance will tell you the game causes mental disorders. If you've played it, you'll know better. There will be those that can't see past the disguise and be drawn in too deep down an errant path. The mainstream media will hop on these tragedies (and likely fabricate some) to discourage the uninitiated. It will be easy for those just beginning their awakening to hit the snooze button. They don't want to let you go. They'll hold onto power as long as they can. They are human after all. 

As you step away from duality you'll find compassion and forgiveness, but it's not uncommon for there to be much anger at them as you awaken. The Kubler-Ross model applies in ways other than grief. Everyone has been stuck on the denial stage for a long time. We'll reach them one-by-one, through their families and friends, on a person-to-person level. 

I think you'll find the efforts at Niantic Project quite enjoyable.

Enjoy the game.
Enjoy the reconditioning.
Enjoy your awakening.


The Election Show

Of course, I can't speak for all voters, but I'm not all that different than a lot of them. So, consider this to be the voice of all the ones that do feel this way.

Reality Television
When I was a wee lad, I enjoyed me some World Wrestling Federation. It helped that there was actually a cartoon version of all the Wrestlers back then; Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Captain Lou Albano. Good guys, bad guys, all very exciting.

Of course, wee lads grow up, and I eventually learned that it was scripted. As I got older I realized that people would buy tickets because they like this wrestler or that wrestler, but that no matter which wrestler they voted for, the owners got the money and wrote the script. 

As I got even older, I began to notice the pattern applied to other areas of life. I don't know what woke me up to the fact that the "wrestling" was scripted. It's likely someone I trusted told me so and I believed. I do know what woke me up to the fact that World Politicking Federation was scripted though. Occupy. Regardless of whether you think _they_ were repulsive or admirable, the simple fact of the matter is that American citizens were so fed up with the bullshit they took to the streets. All over the country.

The Two-Party System, the Election Show, is scripted and we know it. We've outgrown it. We need a much more sophisticated show now, or the truth. 

I know a lot of you have a belief system that indicates a different perspective. A lot of those belief systems are hindsight for me. I've been there. I grew up in the same society as you. The adults in my life had me believing in Santa Claus, and one day I woke up. I thought professional wrestling was unscripted, I woke up. I thought my party was the good guys and the other party was full of idiots, I woke up. On none of these issues will I go back to sleep. 

If you find yourself disagreeing with the scripted nature of American politics - if you still believe your party are the good guys and the other party is full of idiots, and you mentally balk at the idea because it damages your current belief structures - you can stop reading now and come back when you wake up to this level. You can hit the snooze button, it's not like it's 2012 already.

The Election Show is a Game Show
and everyone is a contestant

There's a little bit here for everyone. The poor and those lacking sufficient social status (like those aren't synonyms) to play in the higher levels get a vivid spectator experience, but with our country's global influence, everyone has a stake in the outcome. The players that happen to live in Western Culture, and especially those that are American Citizens also get a part of the show that lets them think they can affect the outcome. Poor/Societal Leper type American Citizens are in the part of the studio audience on the Price is Right that the contestants have a chance to "come on down" from. 

Some of them _do_ get called down. They get to play the bidding part on the Price is Right. Not only do they believe their vote counts, they think they can help convince the rest of the audience to vote one way or the other, i.e. knocking on doors, campaigning, arguing on the internet, contributing to candidates in four-digit dollar amounts or less. These guys, the ones on contestant's row, they've definitely chosen a side by now. They'll self-label as republican/conservative or democrat/liberal. You can tell people are getting bored of the show, they've added a new character tea-party/libertarian now that social networking allows people to play from home.

A layer or three up on the money/power social hierarchy, the contestants are essentially betting red or black and spinning the roulette wheel. They give to Super-Pacs that buy the ads that try to shape the minds of the lower caste people, and if the ball lands on their color they get lawmakers trying to make them happy so they'll place a bet next election.

The Super-Pacs feed the mainstream media all of the donation money. The people that run the Super-Pacs are the same that are selling tickets to the Election Show, so they know all the production costs will be covered in ticket sales. The mainstream media doesn't bite the hand that feeds it, unless the hand wants them to as part of the show.

Let's change the channel
Watching these latest episodes of the election show - and (more importantly) watching the behavior of all the fans the show has on social networking sites, its plain to see that fear motivates a lot of decision-making in this country. Fear of al-Qaeda (henceforth The Foundation), fear what a President from the OTHER party would do to this country, fear what's happening with this country, fear the economy, fear fear fear fear fear. 

My personal preference would be that we choose our president based on his ability to do the job of a President, thrusting it upon some unsuspecting qualified person instead of giving it to people begging for the job. However, that'd be a big change and change is scary. So, I thought I'd pitch you this idea for a pilot episode of a new show instead.

Election Show: Pool Party
A 'pool' is a thing a lot of Americans do at work. It's probably slightly illegal, but tends to stay within the _no harm, no lawsuits_ category of illegality and is considered very low risk. They take any event considered inevitable and bet on when it is going to happen. Everyone puts their bet in a 'pool' or 'pot' and the person who purchased the closest time to the actual event wins it all.

Let's free up our media to tell the truth. Does anyone like those damn commercials anyway? Let's just have all the money that goes to support a particular candidate go on _red_ or _black_. Every citizen can then bet with their vote. If you vote for the winning candidate, you're included in the payout of all those campaign funds. You'll have to be associated with your vote if your candidate wins to receive payment, though. Who doesn't want to be associated with picking a winner though?

The voters will as ever be the roulette ball, and the upper caste still gets to pick the candidates and everything. I don't want to shake things up too much.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: If you're going to gamble with the fate of the world, the citizens of the country should get to actually play too. 

First Draft #csbookoption1


I Had a Daydream

True story. The other day I was driving and listening to NPR when they mentioned drones. You know, the way the American president seems to prefer to kill people these days.

It is my understanding that these aren't terribly selective, and often result in unintended casualties. It occurs to me, probably because of the given justification for drone targets, that their use is accepted by the majority of the American people as part of the War on Terror.

Personally, I think fighting a War on Terror by using Terror is counterproductive if the supposed goal of the War on Terror is ending terror. I think blankets and teddy bears would be much more effective weapons against Terror. Imagine that, locating a terrorist leaders and air dropping hundreds of blankets and teddy bears on every house in the area. It'd be like saying "Hi. We know you're there. These could have been bombs, but we're tired of all the killing and fear and death. So, have a teddy bear. Go hug someone you love."

Anyway, those are current thoughts. At the time, I had a daydream wish. In the daydream, with the intention of enough people, said people could gift Obama with a dream. He sleeps, right?

In the daydream, Obama went to sleep one night and had a dream that he and his family were over there. In the dream, he was still the father of his two little girls, but instead of being President of the United States, he was some Pakistani goat farmer or whatever. He was tucking his two girls into bed at night, and the younger was scared of the drones flying overhead because she had witnessed some of the carnage and devastation those drones had caused. Maybe some people she knew had been incidental casualties.

Somehow, I think if he had to calm the fears of his own daughter, at least in a dream, he'd have a much better understanding of Terror and know much better how to put an end to it - instead of ordering more of it.