Vulnerability is a Bitch

Hey Folks, Page of Wands here - maybe. 

I had a tarot reading last night. You can see, it's in the video below. My path connected me to the Raven - Kelsey Lenore. She's the Raven because of the Lenore part, through Poe. I don't know if that's a Corvid or not, but I think so - and this showed up when I was trying to find something else:

From the synchronicity perspective, these conversations have happened over the last few days, also pointing to corvids, messengers, and messages.[1]

I'd love to take you through it all, but this is a blog post - not a book. This is my letter to you, because I don't know how soon I'll see you again. 

The Uncomfortable Truth
There's a good amount of my personal backstory in the reading, and the universe arranged so that the only way for me to receive this reading was through a live Hangout-on-Air with consequent public YouTube video. Great marketing on her part, in my humble opinion.

I know that the openness of the reading influenced my behavior during the reading to some extent - but I would consider it a very small extent. I felt the choice there though, just like I feel the choice now. In order to stand up for what I believe, I have to be uncomfortably vulnerable. Thanks Brene Brown. So, rather than just letting it sit on Youtube hoping that no one ever stumbled upon my nakedness, I am sharing it here with you.

The reason why can be seen through the perspective of Chakra balancing. They work as shields, layers you have to peel through to connect. Doing so - peeling through the layers, being vulnerable -  increases the potential depth of connection.

Furthermore, energy transfers are like fusion. Energy is released on a massive scale. Our communication is what is facilitating the construction of the planetary consciousness. You can couch it in perfectly scientific terms and perspective, because that's the way truth works. It's true from every perspective.

Don't call it the global consciousness or global awakening if it makes you uncomfortable. Couch in technological terms about connectivity and the internet and how that is changing our society. View it as approaching the Singularity with +Peter H. Diamandis . 

From the chakra perspective though, with the layer-peeling - fear and overcoming those fears is how you open up to others for deeper connections - greater energy transfer and creation. It let's more of the truth out.

The bottom 3 Chakras (red, orange, and yellow) correlate in a manner I haven't yet thoroughly explored with Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Red is survival/fear of death, Orange is self power/powerlessness, Yellow is power/powerlessness with regard to others. 

The Fourth is where love comes in. Green is Love. The heart Chakra. For the dimensional transcendence crowd:  Note that 4 comes after 3 and we consider ourselves 3rd dimensional beings. If we are evolving spiritually, would we not be moving from 3 toward 4?

Anyway, that's too deep for most so - 

Let's Talk About Sex
The layers and depth thing is most easily understood when you scale it down to the level of sex. Most of us have spent a lot of time at least mentally with sex, and that makes a good common ground. 

Red - The first layer you have to deal with is survival - the basic instincts that drive us to procreate. 
If both parties can respond to those instincts while feeling safe, the mutual transfer can proceed to the next level.

Orange - Power over self. 
This is the orgasm stage - where the goal is a situation when both parties feel confident and safe.

Yellow - Others.
This is the level where S&M relationships and the balance of preferences can lead to a deeper exchange. If your needs are to be dominant to a certain level, and that's in of balance with how much your partner is into submission - you can proceed to the love level.

Green - Love.
Simultaneous mutual orgasm. Energy creation and transfer. Connection.

But it's true of all interpersonal Communication
So, in order to provide value to the Network (you), in the hopes that the Network will find a way to support me for doing so (the Lower Maslow), I have to walk this path. I have to trust that being vulnerable will create the connections I need. The Human Network Cisco is trying to make you believe it's selling. 

For it to be true, I have to be able to prove it to you. So, I have to be vulnerable. I have to feel safe enough to open myself up to deeper connections. So here I am - exposed. Everything I post, here or on twitter, or on G+ is saying here I am Universe. Prove It. Prove that vulnerability leads to better connectivity and the expansion of the planetary consciousness. Our world is in shit shape. Human society is in shit shape, and simultaneously it as advanced as it has ever been (as far as we know). Prove it to me that vulnerability is the way to go - that love can be the answer. 

And honestly, if love isn't that answer - you can kill me for all I care, I don't want to be here anymore.

With Love,
Grizwald Grim

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Hate Yourself All You Want

Inspired by https://plus.google.com/u/0/115590411932376027038/posts/3JHuG98voKr

If the opposite of Love is Indifference
Because the absolute value of a negative is positive
Then it's perfectly okay to hate yourself.
Despite having done it for decades, I don't see why anyone else would want to.

We learn from negative experiences. Some of my worst romantic relationships have helped me grow the most.

So - you're probably here to learn some pretty profound stuff if you hate yourself. I'd recommend doing the introspection to figure out why you're making the choice to hate yourself - but, it is a choice... So, hate yourself all you want.


Snowden's Deadman Switch

Flash Fiction Plotline

- A deadman's switch is one in which if one stops pressing the button, and device activates
- Snowden set one up, so that when he stops pressing the button backdoors to #PRISM are released
- He makes it to Venezuela and ends up feeling safe
- He decides to quit pressing the button

- Backdoors to #PRISM pop up on the internet
- #anonymous launches #operationOracle
- Operation Oracle creates a user interface with #PRISM through the generation of social networking accounts that can be queried by the public.
- Operation Oracle goes live when #PRISM creates a reddit account and hosts an #AMA (ask me anything)

- The first question it answers is "What's in these backpacks?"
- Possible angle of #PRISM achieving self-awareness
- ending that leaves open the possibility of a trilogy/sequel