The Great OWS Conspiracy

Okay, so - a lot of the details are REALLY interesting... the different ways in which this whole thing has manifested itself are just fascinating - but I'll try to stick to the big points so this doesn't turn into a novel.

I'll try to ease you in gently. Let's start with pop culture. For many years now, Hollywood has been shaping the minds that now and in the next year will make up the revolution. The core of the Occupy Movement is made up of those who understood how these various movies reflected upon our current society - and they felt good about themselves for being able to see that connection. That personal pride in ones own intelligence is a powerful tool for manipulation (and is the core tactic of the Democratic Party).

So - the seeds of this movement can be found in popular movies.
Gladiator with Russel Crowe - The government gets the people to ignore how horrible their lives and living conditions are by entertaining them to keep them passive. Well hey, football is kind of like gladiatorial combat...and even that Dancing With The Stars crap is merely designed to keep the general populace from realizing how bad the government is screwing us over. Oooh, I'm so smart for putting that together.

Fight Club with Edward Norton - Lackey of an Evil Corporation goes batshit crazy and gains political power -