The Most Dangerous Lie

I can't even fathom the time I live in, man. It constantly blows my mind. Now is so far accelerated past anything I could have imagined growing up. You know, like the meme says - these phones could send rockets to the moon with the right apps.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste
 and I hope we can pitch that to them
before they decide to automate the labor farm

The more global reality
 that seeps through my culture bubble
the more malleable I imagine
 our cultures to be

Sci-Fi brought us there first
 worlds that were different
filled with peoples
 not entirely like us
with a different way to cult


Finally REVEALED!!! - What's in the box?

True story. I used to blog.
Then again, that was also some other dude.
It's all very complicated.

The question I find most worth asking these days is
How malleable is the human identity complex?