Moon Chart 2016

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five nine

I've been looking for people
 since the Apocalypse
Before that actually, late 2011 probably

This woefully neglected 
  how unready we were

The people I want to emulate
 seem to cloister

Iterations of Communication
Being able to communicate with anyone on the planet
 if both parties have the right devices
In effect, created a globe encompassing field
 increased the length of the radiant radius

So many more places to explore
 build Cerebro

Let's assume you're a mutant
 primarily manifests in adolescence
You know from experience 
 people like you
Can pop up anywhere
 amongst the muggles


Iteration of the Fourth Estate

The Dam has been broken. Global leadership has lost the reigns of information control. The meshworks need to be set up before they catch on to this and clamp down harder. Safehouses need to be Established - but it's coming. It's inevitable.

I still think the best bet is to get the stampede going over 'jorbs'

 because the labor force needs to catch on to how unnecessary it has become.

Still need an in to the hearts and minds of the troops that can get through basic training programming

Put the minds in Hollywood on writing happy endings to real-word conflicts

 push on the 'CNN/Iraq angle'.

Do an XPrize for the best War of the Worlds remake

We need a means of validating onsite reporting

 a less pretentious iteration of Snopes, maybe

Hit up the kids in the Colleges that were big fans of Newsroom

 if there were any.

Live Until You Die

Dead Sara has been prominent in the SoundTrack for Season 3, They have the same appeal Pearl Jam did for me back in the 90's. I can't always make out the lyrics but the song rocks me hard enough to fill it in with stuff that it sounds like it fits. Does she actually say:

  The City is a Prayer

or is that just me.



Addicted the the love of Self?

Welcome to the Internet, baby we got it all

 what he have most of is all these people's attention

  but you have to figure out how to make them hear you


This song is not for you.

 It's for everything I wished to be.

A cold wind blows

 one more chance


I know what you want,

 but it's not gonna be what you like


You've got to take a chance

 for all you've been through and lost


May the 4th be with you

They'll be ones that are just here for the game
 which we should probably call Awakening



Something to slay, or something to tame?

I still see the starving medusa
the snakes going at each other
driven mad by the hunger

This is still pretty comfortable
Historically speaking
 the 'working class'
  has had it infinitely worse.

The most interesting thing I heard from a global citizen regarding the English language is that it "has  a lot of Empire in it".
 Things they say on Hoth

Treat me like the dead guy
 who had to forget why he came back
   in order to be allowed to come back

See, the appeal to me
 is in the notion of subcultural resonance
  speaking Tanagra
   Like Sam & Dean