Live Until You Die

Dead Sara has been prominent in the SoundTrack for Season 3, They have the same appeal Pearl Jam did for me back in the 90's. I can't always make out the lyrics but the song rocks me hard enough to fill it in with stuff that it sounds like it fits. Does she actually say:

  The City is a Prayer

or is that just me.



Addicted the the love of Self?

Welcome to the Internet, baby we got it all

 what he have most of is all these people's attention

  but you have to figure out how to make them hear you


This song is not for you.

 It's for everything I wished to be.

A cold wind blows

 one more chance


I know what you want,

 but it's not gonna be what you like


You've got to take a chance

 for all you've been through and lost

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