World of Grim: Big Dreams

"It's not the size of the dreamer, it's the size of the dream."
Josh Ryan Evans

Hello again. I try and put a lot of thought into these World of Grim posts, and provide specific suggestions and examples to improve or invent products. I try to make sure they're useful or potentially useful, perhaps even just planting the seed of an idea. Tonight though, is a bit different.

I've put plenty of thought into what I present below, but there won't be specific suggestions. Maybe because I've been trying to decide what to write for what seems like weeks now - there are a great many things kicking around in my head.

While I'd prefer to present refined and practical ideas, tonight I just have get some of these great many things out. I want to take you further down the gopher hole into the World of Grim, and maybe let you see some of the beauty and sadness that lies within.