Channeling the Chatter Stream

Take for instance the inane chatter that runs along in our minds. Our minds? I'm guessing it's a shared experience. The meditation people call it the monkey-mind. Maybe it's not the meditation people. I misremember all the time.

Anyway, why I thought this was worth typing about was because I think it serves a function and its worthwhile to figure out what that function is - particularly since meditation seems to at least be in part the skill of turning off the chatter.


Blah - nothing that I'm looking for. The perceived existence of this inner monologue has lots of angles of consideration to play with. Who/what is speaking, who is hearing - is it hearing? Where are the boundaries of self? (that's one I play with a lot)

A lot of the time I try to keep this .. my intent...
It is my theory that I should be able to not hear the inner dialogue monologue, whatever and just let it fall out of my fingers. There are agreat deal of habits that will need to be broken for me to do this, and I think I'll have to learn to think a lot slower. Right now, I'm still at least half a sentence ahead of my fingers.

I don't know if that would be considered channeling or not. The constant stream is there, can I channel it through my fingers instead of through my audio simulation hardware?

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Who is Santa to you?

To me Santa Claus could be any one of these things, depending on my mood:
  • A tradition originating way-back-when in some other country, passed on from family to family during childhood for a shared cultural experience
  • An abomination to God and a corruption of Jesus's Birth
  • The natural result of capitalism on a non-birthday gift-giving occasion
  • A conspiracy by the rich elite to further squeeze the life blood (money) from the poor through emotional manipulation - Feel guilty for not buying gifts, show your love for others by buying gifts, buy cards to stay in the wills of old relatives
  • An indoctrination of children for one of the following purposes:
    • To binge on greed and materialism
    • To cause their minds to grow comfortable in believing in something while completely rejecting all evidence to the contrary
    • To teach them that their parents are fallible and deceitful, weakening familial bonds
  • A romping good time.
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End of Year One

It's been one year now since I quit my job to pursue my dreams. I certainly have learned quite a bit. It's not looking promising. However, it does look like the terrain is going to be changing. Perhaps rapidly, perhaps violently.

I were asked, I would recommend stalling if you can bear your current living situation and you have the alternative. The shift is inevitable, and it's always harder for the pioneers. Then again, only you really know if you secretly want to be a pioneer or not.

I feel impatient. How long will it be before the rest of the people realize freedom-from-work is an achievable goal for humanity now?

Remember the space race? It was this supposed thing between Russia and the United States to get to the moon. Well, how bout we race toward the shortest work-w
eek, so that people can spend their lives pursuing their passions?

Why don't the people want it bad enough? Have they been convinced they don't deserve it?

End of Year Assessment
I suck at pursuing my dreams - which means that the crux of the dream had been to make a living wage by dumping the contents of my mind through my fingers in the shape of words. 

Time to either abandon the entire thing or redouble the efforts. The appeal of abandonment lies in that it would abate the Kafka torture. The appeal of redoubling the efforts is the neurochemical rewards associated with hope.

I see a book as still the most viable way to monetize myself. Whore myself. What can I do that the most people are most likely to pay for? - probably a book. I've been thinking maybe I could go through my posts for the last year and have my friends on G+ pick the ones most book-worthy. 

I've also been considering doing a pdf of something like my Personal Matrix Theory. Do downloadable pdf, free version and paid version. Paid version because I need the money, free version because withholding information for profit is morally repugnant to me. 

But the book is the best bet, if only to be able to hold something in my hands and say "I made this." 

Ask anyone near Denver, Winter is Here. Stay warm, friends.