Who is Santa to you?

To me Santa Claus could be any one of these things, depending on my mood:
  • A tradition originating way-back-when in some other country, passed on from family to family during childhood for a shared cultural experience
  • An abomination to God and a corruption of Jesus's Birth
  • The natural result of capitalism on a non-birthday gift-giving occasion
  • A conspiracy by the rich elite to further squeeze the life blood (money) from the poor through emotional manipulation - Feel guilty for not buying gifts, show your love for others by buying gifts, buy cards to stay in the wills of old relatives
  • An indoctrination of children for one of the following purposes:
    • To binge on greed and materialism
    • To cause their minds to grow comfortable in believing in something while completely rejecting all evidence to the contrary
    • To teach them that their parents are fallible and deceitful, weakening familial bonds
  • A romping good time.
Image Source:  http://www.deviantart.com/art/That-s-Not-Santa-106264682