The Most Dangerous Lie

I can't even fathom the time I live in, man. It constantly blows my mind. Now is so far accelerated past anything I could have imagined growing up. You know, like the meme says - these phones could send rockets to the moon with the right apps.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste
 and I hope we can pitch that to them
before they decide to automate the labor farm

The more global reality
 that seeps through my culture bubble
the more malleable I imagine
 our cultures to be

Sci-Fi brought us there first
 worlds that were different
filled with peoples
 not entirely like us
with a different way to cult


Finally REVEALED!!! - What's in the box?

True story. I used to blog.
Then again, that was also some other dude.
It's all very complicated.

The question I find most worth asking these days is
How malleable is the human identity complex?


People Expect Too Much From People

A Guest post by Joshua Roy

People expect too much from people. We want people to justify their existences constantly. We want them all to be just like us, to parrot our value system. Why? Why should anyone have to spend all day working at a job that is boring for them? Why should anyone have to conform to the standards established by anyone else?

Even 300 years ago when a laborer could only produce enough food to feed 4 people with his daily labor, that means only a quarter of us should have to be working at any given time. Today, a single farmer can produce enough food to feed 150 people easily. There is no longer any need for us to struggle constantly, and yet it is the ungenerous attitude of puritanical people that keeps our society in a frenzy just to survive.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with leisure. Personally, I'd like to see earth transformed into a vacation spot where we work one day a month and spend the rest of it enjoying ourselves, learning, growing, debating, producing art, sexualizing each other. We only live this lifetime once. Why make it so dull and soul crushing? I want to dance beneath the stars drunk on the ecstasy of being alive, you can't do that in our western civilization, at least not often. 

Between religious people telling us life is a curse and capitalists actively trying to make it a curse for us, there's almost no room to breathe on this planet.

I want true independence. I want true immortality. I want true freedom, and as far as I can see everywhere I look the world is full of shackles and cages and peasants. Even our president isn't free. He lets one word slip out of his mouth in the wrong way and his entire life would be destroyed. That's not freedom.

We work so hard to get ourselves a little house in a subdivision surrounded by people who couldn't care less who we really are as a person. We go all day to a job that is boring to us. We hate every moment of it. We dread every moment of it. We joke to try to cope with it calling it a "case of the Mondays," laughing about "hump day," or exclaiming with relief, "Thank God it's Friday!" and then we blink our eyes, the weekends over the cycle of slavery begins all over again the next week.

We laugh politely at our coworkers, surrounded by people we'd never choose to know if we had any other choices. We step to it when our boss demands something of us fearing termination. We live paycheck to paycheck always knowing that life is dragging us under, always knowing that we aren't saving enough to get out of our situation let alone retire, and we pray for that sudden heart attack to take us so our families at least have enough money to survive on after we're gone.

This is no way to live. We fear the zombie apocalypse. Look around you. We're living in it, and I'm one of the last damned people alive on this planet full of blank eyed slaves and I'm praying with everything in me that I don't contract whatever it is that has caused them all to become so mindless and automatic. What caused them to give up hope? What caused them to abandon pleasure? What caused them to lose their imaginations?

This is death. This is living death. We have let them lead us by the hand into a world outside of our own designs and it is unsuitable for human habitation. ~

Emphasis mine. - GG
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Death Industry Disruption

I attended a funeral today - grandmother of a friend. A death is uncommon enough to be disruptive to our dominant routines, and as such, creates opportunities for reflection that we aren't otherwise afforded. As far as I know, this was the first funeral that I attended that was also a webcast - and it's this novelty that drew my attention not only to the death industry, but also to the fact that it too - evolves. It's often said that prostitution is the oldest profession, but the death industry is definitely in the running. Both were definitely very early cultural manifestations, but those performing rituals for life events probably predate currency. Discussions with other funeral attendees swung toward the handling of our own inevitable demises, and thoughts along those lines caused a reflection on the various related ceremonies to which we've been memetically exposed - as well as their origins. I've read often enough of early struggles in the death industry, such as inadvertent premature burials - dealt with by bells attached to strings leading into coffins. My understanding of a wake is the notion of loved ones drinking together alongside the body, making sure that there is no awakening prior to the burial. Since the industry does evolve, and the evolution of our culture dictates the direction in which it does - I am thinking about how to direct that evolution within my sphere of influence. Even if that influence is only to our my own ceremony - here is what I'd like: I'd like for what remains of my body to be cremated, as if any of my parts offer someone else the opportunity for a fuller life, they are welcome to them. I'd like my ashes to be in attendance at a gathering of people wishing to extend condolences to each other, and for there to be consciousness altering substances available to the attendees. At least an open bar, dependent on legalities. I'd like those willing to get behind a camera and record an anecdote of the role I was fortunate enough to play in their lives - to be collected in a digital archive available to those wishing to remember me in the future. Afterward, I'd like my ashes made available to anyone who wants them - and if no one does - well, I don't really care what's done with them.


Lies made evident by example

Let's live up to the name shall we - and go as free flow as we can manage
we/he - I am me, but me and I don't see eye to eye

Ugh, I can feel the self-consciousness creeping in
Like a sickly warmth crawling up my back
After oozing out of a hole in my spine

Off with you Gremlin, I shall stand naked and fearless, with naked fear
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

Aren't those ones so wonderfully sticky?

Do you understand the weight of being at the nexus of infinite possibilities?

Bioshock Infinite was/is free for xbox gold members this month - and if it had a theme, I'd say that's probably it. What we don't think about is that we stand in that Nexus every day. It doesn't seem like it because we're comfortable and automated. Think of your daily morning subroutines.

I'm supposed to decide which path to choose among infinite possibility, and I don't even know what I want to eat.
Bachelor Chow. 

Okay, that's true - I want to each bachelor chow.