The Great OWS Conspiracy

Okay, so - a lot of the details are REALLY interesting... the different ways in which this whole thing has manifested itself are just fascinating - but I'll try to stick to the big points so this doesn't turn into a novel.

I'll try to ease you in gently. Let's start with pop culture. For many years now, Hollywood has been shaping the minds that now and in the next year will make up the revolution. The core of the Occupy Movement is made up of those who understood how these various movies reflected upon our current society - and they felt good about themselves for being able to see that connection. That personal pride in ones own intelligence is a powerful tool for manipulation (and is the core tactic of the Democratic Party).

So - the seeds of this movement can be found in popular movies.
Gladiator with Russel Crowe - The government gets the people to ignore how horrible their lives and living conditions are by entertaining them to keep them passive. Well hey, football is kind of like gladiatorial combat...and even that Dancing With The Stars crap is merely designed to keep the general populace from realizing how bad the government is screwing us over. Oooh, I'm so smart for putting that together.

Fight Club with Edward Norton - Lackey of an Evil Corporation goes batshit crazy and gains political power -

Ooh, the downtrodden can unite together against the elite. The people have the power!

The Matrix with Hugo Weaving - Average Joe awakens to the reality that evil overlords are using the general populace as batteries, just like your OWS protesters and supporters awaken to the reality that the 1% are feeding off the fools kept in a dreamworld by Sports, beer, and other televised nonsense.

V for Vendetta with Natalie Portman - Government pulls some nasty crap and the people rise up and do what's right...just like (oh come on, this one was completely obvious).

So - now that you see the hidden messages they've been shaping our minds with you can see that we were primed and ready to take to the streets and get our heads bashed in with batons fighting for what is right. The question is - why do they want us there?

Well, surely they don't want us there. Surely some enlightened souls snuck those poignant messages in to help wake the populace, and our ruling elite were too blinded by greed or too confident in their pacification of the public to be concerned....well, that would be nice - but they didn't become rulers of the world by being stupid enough to let that happen.

You see, they want OWS. They want people in the streets. They want revolution, or more accurately, they want revolt.

But why would they want to be toppled from power? Basic math. The world has limited resources and they control them all, but even in that control they are acutely aware that the population of the world is ever-rising. Their actual wealth is being used up by the unwashed masses. The death rate is too low. They want a revolt, because they want people to die.

Not only do they want people to die, but they want to start the end of the world. Timing is essential. They didn't have their act together enough to use Y2K to finish us off, so they took they took an extra twelve years. What better time to cleans the planet of all those extra mouths to feed than then end of the Mayan calendar? Dozens of nutjobs will already think the world is ending and even the skeptical will have it in the back of their minds. No one will REALLY be surprised when things keep getting worse and worse and the violence escalates more and more.

But Griz - don't they know that the increasing violence might eventually lead to the button being pushed? Of course they do! That's what they want. Nuclear winter. Before they have their cronies push the button though, they'll all be safely in Dubai - the resort/bomb shelter they've spent the last two decades planning and constructing.

Hidden beneath the playground for the super-rich is the bomb shelter to end all bomb shelters, where the super elite have everything they need to survive long enough for their descendants to return to the surface of the Earth and reclaim all the natural resources and treasures that won't be used up by the now-deceased unwashed throngs.

Crazy? Maybe. But watch some nuclear winter computer simulations and see what part of the planet is affected the least....

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