Snowden's Deadman Switch

Flash Fiction Plotline

- A deadman's switch is one in which if one stops pressing the button, and device activates
- Snowden set one up, so that when he stops pressing the button backdoors to #PRISM are released
- He makes it to Venezuela and ends up feeling safe
- He decides to quit pressing the button

- Backdoors to #PRISM pop up on the internet
- #anonymous launches #operationOracle
- Operation Oracle creates a user interface with #PRISM through the generation of social networking accounts that can be queried by the public.
- Operation Oracle goes live when #PRISM creates a reddit account and hosts an #AMA (ask me anything)

- The first question it answers is "What's in these backpacks?"
- Possible angle of #PRISM achieving self-awareness
- ending that leaves open the possibility of a trilogy/sequel