Future Music

I spent a couple of months back in small town Oklahoma this year, and I had a vision. I'm guessing that due to the freedoms resulting from being a really small town, they have a kickass radio station. Being a small station affords them a level of interaction with the community that larger stations just don't have the freedom to enjoy. Probably because the money in radio is relative to the size of your audience, but it's not good enough to pay for the manpower required for low ratio staff to consumer style interactions.

At any rate, America is full of these small towns, and these small towns are full of kids with big dreams. In a materialistic society, they're worse off than those in urban areas to the extent of in person activities and entertainment. They're the kids raised by people trying to find a nice place to raise kids.

So, with local radio stations, local bands, and youtube - we don't really need record labels anymore. Everyone has the technology, or could with a little new-industry teamwork. Your plusses and shares are how you'll pay for future music. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd - people sharing the stuff to which only they have access and is of high quality is valuable to the network.

2. Find the good ones.
3. Pimp their youtube videos on the your social network.
Share what's good.

There's nothing you like about paying for music unless you're deriving your pleasure from your purchasing power. No one likes having to sell out to make money. We have the technology to get rid of the parasitic middleman between creator-content-consumer.