I Had a Daydream

True story. The other day I was driving and listening to NPR when they mentioned drones. You know, the way the American president seems to prefer to kill people these days.

It is my understanding that these aren't terribly selective, and often result in unintended casualties. It occurs to me, probably because of the given justification for drone targets, that their use is accepted by the majority of the American people as part of the War on Terror.

Personally, I think fighting a War on Terror by using Terror is counterproductive if the supposed goal of the War on Terror is ending terror. I think blankets and teddy bears would be much more effective weapons against Terror. Imagine that, locating a terrorist leaders and air dropping hundreds of blankets and teddy bears on every house in the area. It'd be like saying "Hi. We know you're there. These could have been bombs, but we're tired of all the killing and fear and death. So, have a teddy bear. Go hug someone you love."

Anyway, those are current thoughts. At the time, I had a daydream wish. In the daydream, with the intention of enough people, said people could gift Obama with a dream. He sleeps, right?

In the daydream, Obama went to sleep one night and had a dream that he and his family were over there. In the dream, he was still the father of his two little girls, but instead of being President of the United States, he was some Pakistani goat farmer or whatever. He was tucking his two girls into bed at night, and the younger was scared of the drones flying overhead because she had witnessed some of the carnage and devastation those drones had caused. Maybe some people she knew had been incidental casualties.

Somehow, I think if he had to calm the fears of his own daughter, at least in a dream, he'd have a much better understanding of Terror and know much better how to put an end to it - instead of ordering more of it.