An Enlightened View of #Ingress

You can count on the Enlightened to speak the truth. Sure, we're free to lie, but when you're Enlightened you find you have very little reason to.

Ingress is a notgame/game
Leaning heavily on the side of notgame, that's why 'notgame' is on the left of the slash. You can boil something down to a particular aspect to better understand it, but nothing is ever 'just' something. That whore is never just a whore, she's also someone's daughter. There's always more to the story.

Good News/Bad News for the Resistance
First, the Bad News. The existence of the game portion means the war is already over. You've lost. Look at the good the resistance did to stave off the fall of the Roman Empire. 

Here's the good news though. The fact that you've become involved in the game is a good sign for you personally. It's certainly a bigger step toward Enlightenment than sitting on the couch watching talent shows. You'll get there. We're here for you. We went first, when it was harder - when there was less reason to. We're the pioneers, blazing the trail for you - and you've taken the first steps. Take your time, the journey is yours. We could use the help though, when you're ready.

Smoke and Mirrors
Ingress is an education system designed by the Enlightened. The Resistance has been in power for quite a long time. You've been conditioned to pliable, and thus we are aware that you can be reconditioned out of slavery and into freedom. The game will teach you that things are going on at a layer not visible to the naked eye, how all of this has been under your nose the whole time. After all, You Can't Handle the Truth... unless we slowly raise the temperature.

The game will help you learn how to look for these things. The resistance will tell you the game causes mental disorders. If you've played it, you'll know better. There will be those that can't see past the disguise and be drawn in too deep down an errant path. The mainstream media will hop on these tragedies (and likely fabricate some) to discourage the uninitiated. It will be easy for those just beginning their awakening to hit the snooze button. They don't want to let you go. They'll hold onto power as long as they can. They are human after all. 

As you step away from duality you'll find compassion and forgiveness, but it's not uncommon for there to be much anger at them as you awaken. The Kubler-Ross model applies in ways other than grief. Everyone has been stuck on the denial stage for a long time. We'll reach them one-by-one, through their families and friends, on a person-to-person level. 

I think you'll find the efforts at Niantic Project quite enjoyable.

Enjoy the game.
Enjoy the reconditioning.
Enjoy your awakening.

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