Ha! Let's do this one here.

Let's work out a deal between Australia and the anti-vaxxers. Let all the anti-vaxxers live there and then we'll just sterilize it in 40 years.

Have you ever tried inviting that North Korean kit to a f****** party?

I mean you have to wake up you every day but could you imagine having to wake up as him?

Anybody ever think if you treat him like a human being he might become one, eh?

Horseshit... Pretend you buy into the b******* they're selling and bend the world to make it true.

I mean isn't the thing on the minds of everyone that makes it out of their shitty situation how the hell can the rest of the world let this s*** happen?

Get a bunch of liberals to fund a commercial shoot E-Series but actually the news in commercial size form.

Let the bitches see in 30-second increments how really bad it is out there ...LIVE.
Apparently New York didn't wake them up.

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