Disintegration - Live

It turns out what I may want to do is Rise like a Phoenix. I did get the tattoo after all.

Quick Note about Tattoos:  They are a great learning tool. People who can always see room for improvement/find fault can use them to learn to be happy with things the way they are.

My gut instinct is telling me that broadcasting the whole ride - including the burning into ashes part will get me better ratings. Growing up in America the way I have, it's no surprise that I might want to be some kind of celebrity.

Of course, I'd rather be a Gandhi type of celebrity. I could bear being the Pat Robertson type of celebrity too. Realistically, I'd prefer to be the YouTube type of celebrity in our day and age. I definitely don't want to be the Timothy McVeigh type of celebrity.

I don't really think its wrong to publicly admit these thoughts. Honestly folks, I think we could do a _lot_ better as far as a species. Why aren't we working harder to become the Extra Terrestrial First Contact we would like to have as opposed to the one we're scared of.

It is such a giant pain in the ass to have so many masks you have to wear to get by in our society - and that's just get by mind you. I so want to be done with that bullshit.
"Don't post that on your Facebook or you could get fired!"
Really? Then fuck this company. Hey everyone on Facebook, this company fires you for being yourself in public. Quit giving them your money.

Be yourselves people, even if it makes you homeless.

It's also okay if being yourself is being someone who wants to live in the safest cave it can find.
For me? The Flames.

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