Ingress: Enlightened or Resistance - MLK Jr.?

Ingress is more than a game. I've previously offered an Enlightened View of Ingress, which is a deeper understanding of how it is more than a game. This time, I wanted to offer the surface level view. An understanding even the resistance can grasp ;)

Ingress: The Basics
The basics for the game is that scientists discovered exotic matter (XM) leaking out into the world all over and portals, through which Shapers can Ingress into our reality. 

The Resistance are the players who have been convinced a Shaper Ingression is a "bad thing", and resists the Ingression.

The Enlightened are the players who realize the Shaper Ingression is a positive change in global consciousness. They realize we've had Shapers on planet for at least the last 6000 years. The Shapers that are Ingressing are beings of equal consciousness level to those that have been enslaving our planet and race this whole time. The Shapers in power have formed the Resistance to maintain the status quo - their dominance of humanity. 

The Enlightened seek to help humanity realize their own true nature - Shaper. The Shapers that have been in power for all these years have convinced the majority of humanity that humanity is Shaped no Shaper. 

The Resistance believes that Enlightenment is a lie. They believe we haven't had Shapers here this whole time. Shapers are a new and alien threat, coming to enslave us all, and they've subverted the Enlightened to serve them with a myth of Enlightment. They believe they've been free up until now, and that Freedom is in jeopardy. 

MLK Jr. - Enlightened or Resistance?
Resistance: Martin Luther King Jr. was Resistance, because he Resisted the discrimination residue left over from the enslavement of African-American people. He protected the people from further suffering.

Enlightened:  Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the Enlightened, and helped elevate the consciousness of our society high enough that it could recognize the Oneness of humanity.

Your call: Was MLK Jr. Enlightened or Resistance?
Let us know below.

Image Credit: http://en.paperblog.com/martin-luther-king-jr-day-127111/

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