These Atheists are Bullies

"No one is more insufferable than he who lacks basic courtesy."- Bryant H. McGill                  

I think I had an atheist whine in my general direction today. Over at the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science, (emphasis mine) Paula Kirby posted:
"But the key thing to note in all these cases is that it is no longer just the religious who would inhibit our freedom of expression: increasingly, secular bodies are buying into this invidious idea too, all in the name of 'tolerance' or 'community relations' or 'respect'."
Let's try a little of that reason for a moment, shall we?

Now, now children - no punching, no biting:
Do atheists not teach their toddlers not to hit other people? If so, what reasoning is used?

I grew up in a relatively secular home, and I was certainly taught to not hit other people. It was taught with the underlying principle that getting hit hurts, and that if I didn't want other people to hit me I should extend the same courtesy to other people.

There was no reference to a higher being that would sentence me to an eternity in hell for hitting other people, just the simple premise that I shouldn't do to others what I didn't want done to me. Does being an atheist make it that the basic tenet of human society no longer applies to you. Does your science and reason tell you that because you don't believe in a deity you can run around hitting people and not expect to be hit yourself?

It seems to me that atheists love to trot around treating anyone who believes differently than they do with contempt and disrespect, and the second they get called out on it they go scurrying behind the skirt of Ms. FreedomOfExpression.

Let's take one of the situations Ms. Kirby was speaking of as an example:

facebook and Mr. Morgan:
Rhys Morgan reports in his article that the University College London -ASH Society posted a poorly drawn cartoon of 'Jesus and Mo' at a bar in support of their weekly pub meet and were asked to take it down. In a "show of solidarity," Rhys Morgan did what the true social activists of our time do: he changed his facebook profile picture.

Eventually, someone asks him to remove it from his facebook profile entirely (even after he had changed his profile picture back). Of course, as he's an atheist, he doesn't have to consider anyone else. He doesn't have to deal with someone mocking his faith - so he has no qualms about mocking/disrespecting the faith of others, since it's impossible for them to do it back to him.

Watch out for female atheists! If it's okay to injure people as long as they can't injure you back in atheistic culture, atheist women are likely to run around smacking guys in the testicles all willy nilly.

So, without empathizing in the slightest - without considering what it might be like to believe that his eternity is being determined by his adherence to rules in an old book and have his beliefs mocked publicly, he refuses to remove the picture from his facebook profile. He states it was:
a request I declined because I do not follow Islamic scripture or rules.
Clearly, poor Rhys was the victim here. These horrible, horrible people were persecuting him for not adhering to their religious customs...  I think it's time for a parable:

The Parable: Yo'mama's so fat
There were two little boys, Billy and Gomez. Gomez loves his mother very deeply. Billy grew up without knowing his mother and has no sentimental feelings toward her. One day, Billy says:
"Gomez, your mother is as fat as a cow!"
Upset, Gomez demands that Billy take back what he said. Billy refuses. Billy has no concept of what it's like to have a mother and love her. Billy is also an insufferable little prick, and doesn't care that Gomez has feelings and is upset by what Billy has said. Billy replies:
"I can say whatever I want. You're stupid for loving your mother."

Now, I readily acknowledge that there are a lot of religious nutjobs out there that are going to give atheists crap for their beliefs. I would love to stand along side them against that intolerance... it's just really hard to be on the side of the guy running around talking shit about people's moms, or - more accurately, it's hard to be on the side of the person who doesn't take the time to consider how their actions impact other people.

But Grimmie, what about my freeeeedoms?:
You are completely entitled to freedom of expression. However, if you use that freedom to be an insufferable prick - you're on your own when the consequences of being an insufferable prick come back to haunt you. So don't come crying to me to help protect your freedom of expression. If that's how you're going to use it, as far as I'm concerned you don't deserve it.

Additional evidence of atheist intolerance:


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