Mirror Neuron/Global Consciousness Experiment

In some places, it's already 12.21. That's relatively irrelevant, because this post is from a scientific perspective. However, there are most that believe in nothing, some that believe it's the end of the world, and some that believe it is the dawning of a new age. Those are the conditions in which the experiment is to take place, and for that reason the date may be relevant.

Information regarding the the Mirror Neuron aspect of the experiment can be found here:

starting at about 50 seconds in.

Information regarding the Global Consciousness part of the experiment can be found at Princeton's Global Consciousness Project, and is also neatly explained here:

The Experiment
Based on mirror neurons as explained in the first video, it seems reasonable that observing joy will create joy within our brains, as a function of mirror neurons. If the Global Consciousness Project can detect major variations in our thought, and we all experience as much joy as possible over the next 24 hours, there should be a spike in the data the GCP records.

So, to participate in the experiment, simply experience and cause as much joy as possible for as many of the next 24 hours you can. We can come back in a few days and see if our efforts were detected by the GCP. Worst case scenario, we have a joyful end of the world.

For me, watching this causes Joy - probably because of mirror neurons. So this is what I'm doing to try and make the world more joyful for the next 24 hours. Even watching this video would be participation in the experiment. 

Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me.