Imagine, if you will, it is a dark and stormy night. Not too stormy. No lightning or heavy raining, but it's definitely raining and a little bit windy. Kind of like it is outside in the Pacific Northwest right now.

Now Imagine a guy in trenchcoat and hat out in the dark and stormy night. Imagine the wind blowing his jacket back as he walks along the street. What color is the jacket? Is the hat a fedora or something else? Don't worry, there are no wrong answers. What do you see?

Now keep watching. Watch him until he does something. Let your conscious mind just sit back and observe. He's walking in the dark, and wind, and rain. Just watch, don't think. Observe, experience.

How many of you not only did as I asked, but also did so while reading? That is the amazing power of your consciousness. It can separate. We live in a tiny little box of ego that has convinced us that it's the biggest and most important part of what defines us. That's it's job.

The ego is a portion of your conscious mind that you've tasked with sorting through the evidence and constructing a sense of self. Being the bright person you are, you used the truth create your separation. You separated a portion of your consciousness and called it ego. Ego then did the same thing, and you can watch it like looking into a mirror of a mirror, the same thing over and over again towards infinity.

YOU, the you that you consider you on a daily basis - the you pouring the coffee, the you taking a shower, the you sitting in front of a computer. Everything that makes up all of that - is just your ego. To you, it looks like just a little piece of your mind - because you are inside of it, and it has a scale representation in there that is truth, one dimension removed.

So. Let's check up on the man in the trench coat. Let's keep him in real time to keep things simple. That means he's been up to stuff while you did whatever you did since the last time you were watching him. Where's he at now? Is in is a private eye's office? (He is in mine).

What's he been up to? The possibilities are infinite when you don't observe. Was he acting on his own free will? If you flip through some of those possibilities and pick one, you can make his reality, shape the rest of his surrounds to have been affected by whatever he chose to do. You can know what he chose to do, or you can choose not to know.

Alright, this next part is going to be heavy. I hope you're sitting down. Watch the guy for a while. Give him a little nudge if you have to, shape his circumstances (but hands off watching as much as possible) in such a manner that he ends up in an interrogation room. Imagine the interrogation room anyway you like. Fix on some mesh of all the interrogation rooms you've seen on bad television over the years - but pick details. See the room, decide what it smells like.

Have old whatever you imagine his name is come into the room, fold his jacket over the back of a chair, and tilt his hat forward to hide his eyes. Have him sit down and have him prepare himself to have a serious discussion with him.

Now rip the entire room out of the building, letting everything fall away. Just the interrogation room and ole whats-his-name. Such a tiny thing, isn't it? Surrounded by all this nothing.

Now imagine it getting larger and larger, until it surrounds you to scale. Imagine this computer screen and all of your surroundings giving way to the reality of this room. Look ole whats-is-name right in the eye.

Look into his mind. What does he think of this person sitting in front of him? How does this person in front of him affect his life, his job, his city, his state? Does he even know that you created him? Does his mind work like yours? Did you create him in your own image?

I think you should tell him. He's probably got a lot of questions for you. He'd probably really like to get to know you.