The First Step

I am becoming whatever it is I'm becoming, and I think it's in the right direction. Time will tell. If it does turn out to be the right direction, I know there are lots of people where I used to be - oblivious in the dark, unable to even see how unhappy they are with themselves. Scarier is still is the situation of those who are happy with themselves, who have settled. The Broken.

In the event that this is a good direction, I thought I'd share the first step I took. There are plenty of self-help books and videos, etc. out there that offer help. I don't think those will work for most. If they did, there probably wouldn't be so many of them. I think they will work though, as soon as you take the first step.

The first step is simply stopping yourself, replaying your internal dialog, and asking yourself "Why did I think that?" The first step is learning self-reflection.

Immediately thereafter, when you're pondering "Why did I think that?" is to identify if the thought has its roots in fear or in love. I guess that'd technically be step two, though. So you get a bonus for reading this far :)