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I thoroughly enjoy imagining the possibilities. There was a nice quote in that ENTP piece I posted not long ago:   (he references hoping someone will care enough to look at after reading this)
ENTps are constantly seeking the pure potentialities of the unseen.
I guess I should have used the word potentialities. I'll change it later. This is the raw brain dump version of this post, and know that I publish it knowing that I'll change it later. I choose to publish this anyway, rather than presenting you with the finely polished version, without the messy shit all over it. I do so imagining the potentiality and likelihood that this level of honesty will be a major turn off for most of my fellow man - expecting that potentiality, in fact. Waiting to be proven wrong, really.

That's what I came here to confess. Back to the actual post:

Despite this... despite the pure joy that comes with imagining the possibilities, there is also the pure horror that comes with imagining the possibilities. The potentiality I dread most of all is my confession.

I am scared to imagine life post 12.21.2012. Mayan calender, end of the world, this kook ....blah blah blah. No. That's backwards.

I'm scared to imagine life post 12.21 if something major doesn't happen. The most terrifying thing of all is if things go on as they are. Personally, as a nation, as a society, as a species - everything has been merrily trotting along getting worse and worse as time goes by. What I find most terrifying is the possibility that is what the future actually holds.

I find it unbearably terrifying to consider that my one life will be a tragic comedy. That the one and only shot I have at existence was irrevocably set on the path of: Be born, go to school, survive high school, go to college and be shackled with debt, and then spend the next 60 years trying to make the best out of slaving away for the owners to get those shackles removed. What if nothing changes? What if I'm just average. What if the historical time period I wound up in is just average? What if this is As Good As It Gets (starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt)?

Intellectual Property
Thanks Hollywood. While I'm at it, thanks for being part of my life experience, and thanks for your fucking copyright laws that make it illegal for me to just post a clip from your precious intellectual property here on my blog to better share my life experience with others. Of course, by thanks I mean fuck you. I hope your life is shallow and devoid of personal growth as you lavish yourself with the fruits of pursuit of profit. Fuck you so hard that your life is shallow up until you get cancer, and you realize what a bane you've been on humanity only as your body starts to fall apart and you feel your limited time on Earth slipping away. Fuck you so hard that unlike the fluff we buy from you, you don't get any fucking better and you die without ever making amends.

I don't mean that, but seriously, that's how bad that copyright bullshit pisses me off. Imagine how pissed off I am at the rest of the world for letting you get away with it. It's OUR fucking life experience. You released your IP into the world, distributed it to the public. It's fucking ours now. You should sit back and be glad we fucking like it, and go reach deeper inside yourself and find something else worth putting out. Quit feeding the fucking vampires, corporate bureaucracy... For Fuck's Sake quit BEING corporate bureaucracy... it's your one and only life man.. you're better than that. Get some therapy, love yourself, don't be a dick.

But no. Throw away Nostradamus, that's probably bullshit. He did have to make up a word to share what he saw (RayPoz). It can't possibly be because there's no goddamn way to fit a Hadron collider he didn't understand into a single line in a quatrain. No, no, prophecy is fucking illogical, science science science... and with that fucking science, more corporate bureaucracy - thirty more years of living a life slaving for an owner while be eaten by the parasites of Government and corporate greed - and those fuckers won't even let the slaves smoke weed. Dicks.

Throw away the magnetic pole shifting and it pushing humanity into a different, higher state of consciousness. Throw away the idea that that's why the Mayan Calender marked this day as important. That's a New Age horse crap. Back to time clock, back to being a member of the willfully ignorant blissful sheep. Oh, you're one of the sheep that strives for more - too bad, you're a sheep. Impotent against the system they tried to indoctrinate you into because the contended bleeting of those millions and millions of blissful willfully ignorant sheep around you makes you nothing and no one - an insignificant speck on the windshield of the vehicle powered by harnessing self interest. Here's a Prozac, we can't let you have weed because you could grow it yourself and we couldn't profit from it.

Throw away some cosmic extinction level event mercy killing, that's the biggest pipe dream of all. We got you fucker, and we'll squeeze another 30 years out of you. If you can stomach it, that is. You could also take your own exit. We really don't care either way, you're disturbing a minor number of blissful sheep.

Yes, I understand an elitist conspiracy seems unlikely.. but if there isn't one uncovered, don't you realize that the peasants will never get pissed off enough to stop the bullshit and just make everything better for everyone? So what if it's unlikely, at LEAST fucking consider it. 

  • Consider that the Obama administration has dozens of detainment camps throughout the US as a potential problem. 
  • Consider the enforcement arm of the IRS that was just hired. 
  • Consider the fact that the Supreme Court can make an unconstitutional ruling, and apparently via the Constitution there's room for contradictions that those in power can and will abuse. 
  • Consider that war with Iran is inevitable because we have shareholder's to make fatter.
  • Consider that we're in Afghanistan because they export a key ingredient required to make Big Pharma richer.
  • Consider that they stoke the fires of racism, with policy and media, to keep the white folk and black folk thinking they are the Us in the Us vs Them - because They are the Them, and the worker bees are the Us, white, black, whatever. When you're all fucking peasants, it doesn't matter if your skin is white or black, or if your hair is red or blonde, if your eyes are green or brown - you're just another peasant.
Consider these things, for me. Because if none of that shit is true, we are well and truly fucked for the rest of our time here on Earth.

I like to pour this out here like this, raw and truth and over share. I was built with an aversion to deceit. Every time I think about it, I'm reminded of the quote 'made famous by' Metallica's Cliff Burton:
When a man lies he murders some part of the world. These are the pale deaths men miscall their lives
- Paul Gerhardt
Guess they were lucky his estate couldn't ream them for their use of it.

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