Dear Rest-of-the-World

ENTps are constantly seeking the pure potentialities of the unseen.
Why aren't you?

They naturally see the big picture as others see it, while actively comparing their own beliefs without bias and consideration to their own personal belief. 
Why don't you?

ENTps have little loyalty to personal belief and tend abandon old inferior beliefs for newer ones with better potentialities. 
Why don't you?

ENTps crave great emotional attention from others.

They do not like to have their independence threatened by unnecessary rules, and they can appear expedient and out-of-place in a society that values any various forms of unnecessary subjugation.
Why would you value unnecessary subjugation?

They do not readily tolerate intentional subjugation to any type of rule or method that they consider to be out-dated or harmful to the well-being of individuals. ENTps tend to look down on people who do so, considering them to be childish.
Play nice. Don't hurt your brother.

ENTps are the intuitive protectors of society. They do not want to see people being exploited out of ignorance or to see the unmerciful destruction of individuals for the gain of a chosen few.
We could use some help with this you guys....

ENTps really want the best for others, even in a world that does not really understand them or really cares to for that matter.
This is why we need moar hugz.

Their minds can play connect the dots. If a dot is missing, their subconscious fills it for them without telling. However, they tend to often be right more than they are wrong.
It's probably Aliens.

Unless circumstances prove it necessary, they rarely find reason to think negatively about people. They seek to accept and to understand people for who they are inside. They do not like to condemn people for their personhood, and they can often be sought out by others for matter of practical solutions to common every day problems. People typically have respect for the intuitive understanding of ENTps towards them and appreciate their loyalty in personal matters. It is not like an ENTp to betray a friend in need.
Just because we tell you ways to improve doesn't mean we don't love you for who you are.


ENTPs Everywhere

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