Utopia as I see it

I think we can redesign human society for our mutual benefit and still shut up all the naysayers. I have stuff ready for the naysaying I've already encountered, but let's start fresh. I'll lay out the basics, and if there's a specific hurdle to it working that you see - tell me, and I'll find a solution if I don't already have one.

The Minimum Human Existence -
- Start with Maslo's hierarchy and see what we can pull off as far as meeting the bottom of the hierarchy, and satisfying those basics can fall on the government.

- To receive those benefits and raise a child, you must have a parenting degree (and quite possibly use birth control/agree not to have more than X children).

- Then, put the capitalism crap we're used to on top of that.

- Publitize education completely - if it's something you can learn that can be verified as true, it's available for free.

Anyone have a problem with any of those?