Stage 1: Breaking Down

The following is posted as a guest post by permission of the original author: Dorian Trent
You can find the original on Google+: here

I had a very somber revelation; a very trying night. 

I gained, inadvertently, perspective as to my own inability to communicate. Both due to my own ignorance of the language and of the inherent limitation of the human form. My thoughts are purely based in perspective, my observations tainted by a personal scope of reality. Even objective truths are encompassed by my subjective perceptions. The secure frame is passed through the insecure frame - and all contents are contaminated. My understanding is only a pale imitation of the truth. 

With that realized, it is impossible to connect with someone in the intimate way we all pretend we do. Our words represent ideas that are personal, the dictionaries are subjective and warped by perceptions. The verbal art isn't touching the heart! It's merely vague enough to allow for our own projections. Our ego pleased with our echoed self-aggrandizement makes us love it. 

I was crushed, absolutely. Can you even imagine all the constructs we build on the faulty foundation that our words and conversations have some coherent meaning? How many actual relationships have you had? How many could you have without any real understanding? None

She doesn't love you - she might love the idea that she's assigned to you, but it's entirely subjective! You could be curled up in your lover's arms, happy -- just to realize that you're both experiencing separate realities. They might share a physical manifestation, but they're entirely perverted mentally. 

You're isolated within the mind. You are - in the most grand and cosmic sense - completely alone. And I felt alone. I, for the first time, felt the reality of how isolated I am -- inside my head.

Author's Note: Many of the ideas here are both inspired, and touched more eloquently by +Elaine Barlow. This is derivative of her work.

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