OPB, NPR, and Media's Role in Politics

I've been listening to Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) for a few months now. A large portion of their content comes from National Public Radio (NPR). I decided to support OPB financially last month, and now that I have I feel justified in publicly criticizing them. I guess it's the impression that if they want my money, they should care what I think.

Here's a portion of a message I sent to them in a contact form today:

Two Complaints:
1. (omitted)
2. OPB's participation in the Ron Paul media blackout. To be fair, OPB is better than most. However, every 'news' headline about the republican nomination mentions Romney and has for the duration. Listening to yesterday and today's 'news' blurbs, someone who didn't know better might think there were only 2 candidates on the ballot in Michigan and Arizona. 
It's time for media to realize their influencing our political process (or admit it, as they probably already realize it). Count the number of times "Mitt" "Romney" "Santorum" and "Ron Paul" have been broadcast for any period of time - then compare that with election results.
Compare mentions of "Santorum" back when there were more candidates vying for nomination with his poll numbers and election results at the time.
While definitely not illegal, what's going on is certainly unjust. If you actually have the public interest at heart, try being less unjust.

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