How YOU can make the world a better place with Google+

What's your personal code of conduct on social networks?

Don't have one? Whether you do or not, I'd like you to consider adding the following simple guideline to your social network behavior.

If the world would be a better place if more people saw the thing you currently see, click share and select "Public."

Not exactly rocket science, but much easier than recycling. Join the experiment, try it for a month and let's see what happens. As a bonus for actually clicking this link, below you'll find the things I shared on Google+ in September and October of 2011 that fit this criteria. I'll be going through the subsequent months in separate posts.

While I have your attention:
I'd also like to share a different project with you, The OnePost Project.

Founded on the principle that the one question you could ask any stranger and get an interesting answer to is:
"If you could tell the whole world just one thing, what would it be?"

Instructions for participating can be found a the link above.

The Bonus Stuff:

If I owned an orchard and sold apples, and you bought them from me then used my profits to poison babies » how many more times would you have to purchase apples from me before society could hold you responsible for supporting the poisoning of babies?

If you're having a bad day, take a moment and imagine your shirt smells like stale urine.
If that doesn't make you realize things could be worse, change your shirt.

The most important vote you have is the one you cast with every purchase you make.
i.e. wishing fast food offered healthier options while buying a triple bacon burger

Failing at something is better than only dreaming of trying it

When people over 18 complain about the gov't, taxes, the lack of legalized marijuana, etc...I like to ask them the names of the people that represent them in Congress. If they don't know, they're part of the problem they're complaining about. Complacency is consent.

Imagine you need some repairs done on your house, so you hire a contractor to do them. Being a relatively religious person, you hire a contractor that goes to the same church you do.
As time goes on, you discover that the contractor has less time doing the repairs on your house than he has been raising money for the church. When he was supposed to be fixing your toilet, he was baking cookies for the church bake sale.
What would you do?

Now replace church with political parties, your house with your country, and the contractor with your congressional representative.