You could use a little Rmnce in your Life

To truly understand something, you must be able to consider it from infinite perspectives. Every 'thing', every 'concept' can be described from a variety of perspectives. Some will resonate more closely to the perspective you already hold, some will be from the polar opposite side's perspective. Limiting yourself to one perspective blinds you to other facets of the concept.

In this manner, there are several perspectives from which I can describe Rmnce to you.
- It's the first book of four in Gabriel Fitzpatrick's modern romance stories.
- It's available at Amazon for $2.99.
- It's fiction.
- It's a tale told through the communication between two people, chiefly their text messages.
- It's an exercise program.

The perspective I've chosen to tell you about what it is, though, is from the perspective of the mind is a muscle, with it's well known implication of 'use it or lose it'.

From this perspective, all works of fiction serve as opportunities for mental exercise, but here's what differentiates Rmnce from the rest.
- It's a quick read. Unlike the more pondiferous works of fiction, Rmnce will be done with your external attention in a few hours, allowing your mind to start to play with it right away.
- It's full of blanks. Our human minds naturally fill in the blanks, which the title proves to you. The blanks in Rmnce are what goes unsaid, the details of the couple's life they don't rehash via text. These become a playground for your imagination. You and all of your friends can read the story, and then have unlimited mental images of what happened with the couple in the space between (cue Dave Mathhews).
- It allows role playing. While reading Rmnce, you can take on various roles for yourself. In most fiction, this is limited to the role of one of the characters. Rmnce being observed private communications, however, allow you to be the jealous partner, having snatched up the suspected lover's phone - the paralegal or private investigator, combing through for evidence of character flaws in those communicating. Not only can you escape your circumstances through opening a book with Rmnce, you can also try on other circumstances.

These mental exercise benefits aren't found in most fiction these days, and everyone I know could use with a good short workout :)

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