The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

They teach you to mock anything people high say when they are high through public ridicule. I've seen it on television, Stephen Colbert, specifically. I felt betrayed.

They program you to disregard what high people say. Haha, he's just high. He's not in his right mind. He's not thinking straight. The truth of the matter is that they teach you to do this because when you're high, you see things from above. High isn't just an altered state. It's an elevated state. When you see things from above, it's easier to see how the system works. It's easier to see what system of beliefs you're a part of. That makes it easier to see the truth of existence.

They do this because by seeing the truth of existence, you see that material shit is material shit. They don't like that. They prefer it when you buy things. When seeing things from an elevated perspective allows you to realize how silly and harmful that is, you suddenly don't care about buying that new sports car anymore. That makes you a poor consumer, and cuts into their profit margin. They don't like that.

In order to prevent you from making these realizations, in order to keep you in the dark, they have to control the flavor of the altered mental states you're allowed to experience. It's okay if they numb you physically (hydrocodone) and emotionally (Prozac). It's okay if you get accelerated (ADHD meds, Provigil, Nuvigil). It's okay if you get sideways (Alcohol). All of that's okay, if they can make a profit off of it, but no... not the elevated mental state. They don't want you to see things from a "higher" elevation. So, they outlaw marijuana.

You mock the conspiracy theorists for not being able to name names or provide "facts to convince you". You think you're more "right" because the conspiracy theorists can't tell you who They are. That's because They is a single thing. A living organism, much like a society of people is a living thing. Like any form of life, They is trying to reproduce. If you're not careful, you'll unwittingly be the offspring of They, by believing what They want you to believe.

They is the manifestation of a thought distortion. The name we give that thought distortion the name "materialism". Everything They do isn't about bad people in powerful places... It's about materialism in the minds of people in powerful places. It's not the bankers, it's the manifestation of the materialism thought distortion in the bankers.

As another manifestation, you've been conditioned to believe materialism is inherent in the human mind for evolutionary reasons or spiritual reasons. It's not. Like all other beliefs, it is a choice. You were raised in a society where that choice had been made, the choice to value material things, to maximize the length of time alive, rather than live the maximum no matter how much time you might or might not get.

And....even if you do wholeheartedly voluntarily embrace materialism, there's still no reason weed should be illegal when alcohol is not.

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