Caterpillar Things

Almost a year ago, in a state of ephiphanic bliss I created this image:
My outlook on the situation itself hasn't changed much since then, but I'm starting to put a positive spin on it. The caterpillar eventually has to stop being a caterpillar if he wants to be a butterfly. That means some caterpillar things have to go.

There's this complicated thing going on in our brains called neuroplasticity. I understand there's even some researchers poking around saying 'consciously-directed neuroplasticity'. My take away has been boiled down to 'you get better at whatever you do'. Unfortunately, this means letting your fears stop you from trying makes you better and better at letting your fears stop you from trying. Maybe letting fear influence your decisions is a caterpillar thing.

I guess the biggest fear is also the biggest question: What am I capable of? It's one of those questions that answers itself constantly, right under your nose.