Google Plus Grim

If I were to hazard a guess, 100% of the people who have seen Craigslist Joe and know me well have suggested I give something similar a go.

I would kind of make the argument that I already have/am, but that's not what I'm trying to write about right now :)

I've seen about half of the actual movie, and it's great for a documentary. My take away thus far, however, has been this:  It's because of the camera. It's the power of the panopticon at play.

So - my recommendation to you, should you become homeless - is to find a partner and a video camera. I'd take this further if I had the pull, and start a campaign to donate Google Glass to the homeless - though I'm not sure how such a project would be negatively impacted by the tradition of 'rolling the homeless' (as depicted in 'The Warriors' video game for the PS2.

As for Google Plus Grim - I'm trying to do it without the day-to-day uncertainty, in my own special way. I'm documenting without making a documentary.