Energy Sex

Sometimes, I don't have the energy. There's something I could be doing around the house that I want to have done, but I just don't have the right combination of internal variables to put that desire into action. It's this feeling I associate with when people say "I don't have the energy to do that".

If it requires energy to do things that require time and attention, then clearly we are expending energy into the things we give time and attention to. Certain interactions also energize and excite us. We can receive energy from our interaction with external energies.

Every interaction is an energy exchange. You reading this is part of an energy transfer. I'm placing my time and attention into its creation, and your experience of it is the energies intermingling.

There are an awful lot of similarities between energy exchanges and fluid exchanges. Additionally, I think it can be useful to think about everything in terms of sex.

For example, think of a conversation as energy sex. Two parties (or more) are having an interaction for a specific result, trying to experience a certain sensation. How they conduct themselves in the conversation determines which positions are taken, who has a good time, whether or not it's too rough, and who (if anybody) ends up satisfied.