People of Earth

Atheists, rationalists, reasonable thinkers, scientists and philosophers,
When is the last time you let your mind play?

Republicans & Democrats:
I know there's an election on, but deep down you know we're screwed whoever wins..so, you have no reason not to.

Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Occupiers:
You know on the surface we're screwed whoever wins..so, you have no reason not to.

Consider this:
It's the year 2012.

In a little over 4 months, all that is over. In that time, one of three things is going to happen:

1. Absolutely Nothing
Most rational people will tell you, most professionals will tell you, hell, most recently homeless and unemployed will tell you (and I guarantee the main stream media, your 'actually concerned about your welfare' governments, and all the bankers will tell you): Nothing is going to happen.

2. OMG it's the End of the World!
We'll all die. It doesn't matter, what we do. We're all worm food.

3. It's the End of the World (as we know it)!
The New-Agers say that we're entering a period of awakening and consciousness expansion. That we'll move to a mental level where the status quo will fall away like a dream fading in the morning. That'd be nice.

Regardless of who you are, this is your last best hope to consider the possibility of something other than #1, and there's motive to do it. Number 1 is pretty shitty. Watch the news. Tumbling economies in the US and Europe, nasty ass drought that's going to make food prices go up, oil prices are still going to go up. Why would you not want something to happen?

Can you change the world for the better in the next 4 months? Can you do more than cast an arguably meaningless ballot? Then by all means - keep rooting for #1.

If all you can do is vote, do you honestly think there's enough people that haven't already picked a side?Is paying attention to the polls and the latest gaffs really going to change the outcome?

Knowing full well, that #1 is the most likely scenario, I say let's seriously investigate the other options. Let's not jump on the first counter-argument we read, or worse, just go off what we already believe. Let's seriously consider the evidence the conspiracy theorists put forth, rather than assume it's bullshit just because it's coming from a conspiracy theorist. It's 2012, the most rational time to investigate the unlikely. Come January we won't have ancient calendars pointing to possible significant events. What if our solar system is coming into a once-in-thousands-and-thousands-of-years alignment? Let's do the homework before we call bullshit for a change. It is 2012 after all, it's the year for conspiracies.

It's only for 4 months. Be extra open minded, on purpose, even if you know better...put it in the back of your head and play along. Last chance.