Because He Was Black

The Truth Behind Trayvon Martin's Death
I type this knowing that your mind will reject the truth herein - as it's too horrible. The truth is contrary to how you've ALWAYS viewed this world, and a great many people cannot force themselves to be skeptical about the accuracy of their own world view. Everything they know about their life and the society they live in might be wrong?  Nah. It's too horrible, it would mean the world is a much darker place than they've ever allowed themselves to believe - and most aren't about to start now.

Trayvon was killed to cover up this truth, but if you can face your own fear and open your mind, his death can change the world. Here's the #truth:

Slavery Never Ended
Racism has been and continues to be intentionally perpetuated by the Owners. Ignorance and stereotypes are encouraged as fuel for racism, because racism is a control mechanism. The systematic inequality in favor of a irrelevant demographic distinction (skin color) creates an us vs. them distraction within the important demographic distinction: Owner and Slave.

By systematically oppressing minority subgroups within the Slave demographic, the Owners ensure the majority of the slaves will defend the current power structure. Within the majority subgroup:
- Most of the slaves will be thankful they aren't being as treated as roughly as the other slaves.
- Some will sympathize and push for better treatment for the other slaves, because if you do a little to help you have an excuse for why you didn't do the right thing.
- Others will defend the owners in the hopes of gaining favor and better treatment.
- Many will by into the fraud that the irrelevant distinction of skin color actually means anything.

Racism Exists to Distract
Focus on skin color and other differences, don't notice that it's debt. You're born into a family of debt or you're not, just as much as you're born with black skin or you're not. Don't notice, little Slaves, that you're being raked over the coals by the system. Just take comfort from the fact that the system favors your group over the other group.

Be sure to point out the color differences in the media. Make it a big deal that the President has black skin. Sure, skin color is actually about as important as hair color - but fool the people. Make them think skin color defines a person.

  • The first step to ending racism: Stop letting race be something worth mentioning. 
  • If you don't believe me about the 'slavery never ended' thing, here's a second opinion: