Own Your Diet

First off, I'm mainly making this post to maintain my public accountability as previously discussed...keeping myself honest so to speak. I've maintained my BSG+ treadmill MWF and Wii Fit stuff Tues+Thurs since the last post. Huzzah. I'm down to 220 for those keeping score.

Since we're here though, I thought I'd share a pet peeve of mine - the use of the word diet. The grapefruit diet, the peach schnapps diet, etc. Here's the secret why they don't work: They're not your diet. Everyone is on a diet. Everyone. It's YOUR diet. Your diet might be potato chips and cheesecake...but it's your diet. What you eat, at least what you eat routinely is your diet. Bats have a diet of insects, you have a diet of ...whatever.

Point being, you can't change to Mr. Grapefruit's diet for 3 weeks, lose a few pounds, then go back to YOUR diet and expect to keep the weight off. When they say diet and exercise, they mean you need to change your diet, not go on a diet for awhile.

Until next time -