Crazy Enough - Storm Large

So, I went to the armory to see a play last night. To be fair, I'm not a frequent flyer to stage productions. This is my second play in my adult life actually, with the same female lead.

Crazy Enough is basically a one-woman show with a band in the back starring Storm Large, about Storm Large. Biographical monologue leads you through a series of 11 songs (CD available).

I have to admit, I was mesmerized. I guess I'm not so frequently in the presence of someone so charismatic, and the woman is a great story teller. I was drawn in to her introspection, and predictably enough lead to do some introspection of my own. For that alone, the play is well worth attending. People tend to benefit from looking at their lives from a new perspective, and the performance provides a great mirror for doing just that.

My favorite songs from the album are currently:
Call Me Crazy
Inside Outside
8 Miles Wide
Lullaby Song
and her performance of Where Is My Mind? (by the pixies I believe) was particularly meaningful for me.

You can apparently pick it up here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/stormlarge2